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14 Greatest Test Cricket Innings Of All Time: From Sunil Gavaskar To Stokes

Update on 31/08/2019
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14 Greatest Test Cricket Innings Of All Time: From Sunil Gavaskar To Stokes

Update on 31/08/2019

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Cricket records and histories are always shocked, as records are made and are broken day by day. So now we will discuss about all time best Test cricket innings by cricket batsmen.

14) Steve Smith 144 (Australia v England, Edgbaston 2019)
Smith's finest Test century in 1st Test match against England is one of the great knocks in the Ashes. As he played a brilliant innings which helped Australia to reach at an ultimately good score before Smith, they were on 122-8. This was Steve Smith who was playing very different sport at that day.

13) Martin Donnelly 206 (New Zealand v England, Lord’s 1949)
Donnelly's first ever double century for New Zealand was technically excellent. That double century from Martin Donnelly, helped New Zealand to avoid defeat in that overseas Test series for the first time ever in their history.

12) Sunil Gavaskar 221 (India v England, The Oval 1979)
The time when India were chasing down the 438 in a Test match against England, in that match Sunil Gavaskar had scored a magnificent double century. That time Indian captain was Venkataraghavan who messed with the batting order. In that match India just was short of 9 runs in last and lost the match while chasing the huge mountain of runs.

11) Mark Butcher 173* (England v Australia, Headingley 2001)
Once upon a time, the Australian captain Adam Gilchrist set a target of 315 for England in Descent batting conditions.But no one could stop Mark Butcher’s otherworldly innings and England beaten Aussie players in that match.

10) Nathan Astle 222 (New Zealand v England, Christchurch 2001-02)
It has been almost two decades, but the fastest Test double century record is to Nathan Astle. England was fighting hard with when they took ninth wicket with 217 runs still were required. In just half hour, Nathan Astle just smashed 118 with pure hard hitting.

9) Viv Richards 291 (West Indies v England, The Oval 1976)
Viv Richards is a big man who played an outstanding innings in the end of Britain’s hottest summer. In that season Richards was unstopable with his bat. Viv Richards played many harder innings in his entire career but that one was outclass from him.

8) Sanath Jayasuriya 253 (Sri Lanka v Pakistan, Faisalabad 2004-05)
When Sanath Jayasuriya opened the innings on the day three with a small deduction to find some way of his best, caught off Shoaib Akhtar's no ball, and after that as he played with the bat, was a greatest knock ever considered by him.

7) Younus Khan 171* (Pakistan v Sri Lanka, Pallekele 2015)
Younus Khan came to the crease when Pakistan were at 13-2 and 377 runs were needed for victory, and Younus Khan played a fearless innings and Pakistan got a seven wicket victory. No one can beat the class of classic Younus Khan when it comes to a passionate innings.

6) Dave Nourse 93* (South Africa v England, Johannesburg 1905-06)
The only non century of this article section news, but considered a milestone innings in the Test cricket history, when South Africa had never won any Test match of almost two decades, when Nurse came to the crease it was 105-6 and chased 284.In that era when the scores were made lower as compare to this era, was a huge target for cricket SA but they made it and Dave Nurse broken down the two decades loss records with a great win.

5) Virender Sehwag 201*(India v Sri Lanka, Galle 2008)
Virender Sehwag scored a double hundred and he took just 231 balls. As Sehwag joined the game by the tail. It was a good score for India as they were all out on 329. But Virender Shehwag was still not out on the crease.

4) Dean Jones 210 (Australia v India, Chennai 1986-87)
The most remembered thing about that match from Dean Jones is that, after 120 runs, Dean Jones played in cloying heat , dehydration and vomiting. By his that innings end, Jones had lost the weight of eight kilograms which took him almost one year to put the weight back.

3) Azhar Mahmood 132 (Pakistan v South Africa, Durban 1997-98)
It was a greatest innings of all time from Azhar Mehmood as a surprised entry at number 8 in Wisden’s 2001 when he transferred to feel the game as he scored 78 percent of his runs while he was on the crease. The shocked value is that it was his eighth Test match and his knock was accompanied by the huge buzz of his fans.

2) Don Bradman 270 (Australia v England, Melbourne 1936-37)
I am not sure that it's Bradman’s best innings, as Don Bradman came to the crease after 7th wicket down from his team in the worst conditions, as the Aussies were down in that current series by 2-0. No team since that ever made a comeback as he batted England out of the game. Don Bradman's that innings was the start of remarkable comebacks.

1) Ben Stokes 135* (England v Australia, Headingley 2019)
To score a brilliant century against world's class bowling side accompanied with number 11th player of his team, and in that situation when no error could be expected. The match and series dependent on the line against most times ICC Cricket World champions Aussie players, makes this game to the level of not just in that list but also in it's own. Ben Stokes was superb with the bat at that day at Headingley.

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