News Release

As we will keep updating our site and there is possibility that you are unaware of what's the new feature is added to our site. For that purpose you are here to read this page

What has Been updated yet and possibilities to be updated and upgraded in future

1) First of All the Live Streaming. Because some leagues as IPL , PSL , BPL , CPL , Big Bash and many more can't be shown by the same channel always so we always will keep updating the channel links and channels as well

2) Design. As Design makes a better scene and sense to the people to interact with things provided by web so Design will always be updated because of providing peak reliability to our users to interact with our site because our first priority is our users at all

3) Cricket News. It will always be updated in every day with latest Cricket updates to get aware of our users about everything that's hapening in the cricket world. As we know every Cricket board changes their team squads for the upcoming series and every cricket team is busy to play series , world cups , trophies. Even they sometimes call any player which'd not in their squads. Also about the Teams coach in both fielding and bowling they do keep changing their Techniques to teach their players how to perform well in the game

Possibilities. Our Local Leagues Live score updates will also play a major role in news so that users can know about what is happening in that league. and they can get benifit from it by knowing good decisions and captaincies of various teams and clubs so that they will prepare themselves for their turn to show tha world about their skills and hardwork